Inflatable seal

Unique Inflatable Seals for Demanding Applications

Inflatable seals are not simple rubber extrusions. They are molded to fit the particular application, which ensures structural integrity and reliability. Although air is the most common inflation medium, liquid may also be used. The seals are constructed from a variety of elastomers, depending on the application. Common materials include butyl, Chloroprene (neoprene), natural rubber, […]

Why Inflatable Seals are Important?

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  • January 19, 2018

It is hard to imagine the value of inflatable seals in many industrial and household applications. Right from as complex as inflatable seal for Nuclear Power Plants or inflatable seals for pulp and paper machine , to as simple as maintaining tyre pressure, seals are an important part of many different products of diverse shape, […]

Inflatable seal repair in 24 hours

WESTERN  INFLATABLE  SEAL REPAIR CLINIC REPAIR INFLATABLE IN 24 HOURS Western is OE manufacturer of inflatable seal repair with and without fabric in India Western  manufactures  300 to 400 pcs per day as per the client application and requirements Western polyrub is all about problem solving and life extension through technical knowledge and experience in […]

Glatt inflatable seal

Glatt Inflatable Seal – WPI Fluid Bed Dryer Replacement Inflatable Seals for Glatt® Equipment Dynamic Rubber now supplies cost effective replacement Inflatable Seals that work with Glatt fluid bed dryer systems and equipment for: Pharmaceutical Processing  Food Processing  Chemical Processing Our seals are made of durable Fluorosilicone and Silicone to withstand chemical corrosion and wear. […]

Inflatable robotic clamp

Inflatable robotic clamp In today’s dynamic world robotic arms or robots have become a very common thing to see from Megafactories to houses. In Mega factories machines like robotic arms have been working with 100% accuracy and speed for some of the things that humans couldn’t do it as fast or with high precision tirelessly. […]

Inflatable seal for Doctor Blades For Web Printing

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  • January 18, 2018

Inflatable seal for Doctor Blades For Web Printing – Western has developed fabric reinforced inflatable seal for paper industries which western supply as OE  Inflatable seal for Doctor Blades For Web Printing Western high pressure Inflatable seals and loading tube solve a number of unique problems in the pulp and paper industry.  paper manufacturing equipment […]