The Importance of Fabric Reinforcement: What You Need to Know

‍There are many different types of fabric reinforcement that can be used in. The use of these ...

Jul 24, 2022

How to Re-Design FBD Gasket for Perfect Fit

Before buying a new FBD gasket, it is imperative that you check the fit of the replacement part ...

Jul 18, 2022

How Our Seals Solutions Helped Critical Infrastructure During the Pandemic

Wespo Seals solutions helped critical infrastructure during a pandemic, including hospital syst ...

Jul 18, 2022

5 Places You Can Use This O-ring and It’s Surprising Uses

You’ve probably heard of o-rings before but may not know what they are or what they’re usef ...

Jul 11, 2022

How Inflatable Seals Are Playing an Important Role in Modern Industries

In the world of modern industry, one of the most important developments in the adoption of tech ...

Jul 10, 2022

Inflatable Seals for Powders and Material Handling

Have you heard the well-known saying, "It's very much like riding a bicycle"? A few abilities, ...

Jun 25, 2021

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