Glatt inflatable seal

Glatt inflatable seal

Glatt Inflatable Seal – WPI Fluid Bed Dryer Replacement Inflatable Seals for Glatt® Equipment Dynamic Rubber now supplies cost effective replacement Inflatable Seals that work with Glatt fluid bed dryer systems and equipment for: Pharmaceutical Processing  Food Processing  Chemical Processing Our seals are made of durable Fluorosilicone and Silicone to withstand chemical corrosion and wear. Seal Features, Types  and Sizes Our Glatt inflatable seals offer improved advantage Heat pressed splice joints for improved performance and longevity  Stainless steel valve bolt configuration for improved leak protection Replacing Seals in your Fluid Bed Dryers and Equipment Our processing equipment seals are designed to install and operate without any additional maintenance or adjustments to your system.

We can even adapt to custom changes made to your air fittings or special size requirements. If there is ever a question about how to safely install or operate your seal, a Dynamic Rubber engineer can assist you in taking the right precautions. Seal Material and Certification for FDA Requirements Each inflatable seal is supplied with a material certification and batch number to assure compliance per 21CFR177.2600 regulations.

If you require additional information about the compounds provided or would like a sample of our cross section sent to you for fitting purposes, call us. Compatibility Inflatable Upper & Lower Bowl Seals (please specify sizes) Fits – Glatt Fluid Bed Dryers and Equipment Material – FDA Fluorosilicone or FDA Silicone Included – inflation valve, material certification, and operation guide For more information about our inflatable seals or to have a Western Polyrub engineer contact you, please call 9833508079 OR E-mail your inquiry to

All replacement seals for fluid bed dryer systems are made to your custom specifications and are warranted against manufacturer’s defects. WPI can not foresee failures due to mishandled or improperly installed seals. For engineering and installation assistance please contact us.

Notice: Glatt®  and Glatt Fluid Bed Dryers are registered trademarks and products of Glatt GmbH, Germany.