Inflatable robotic clamp

Inflatable robotic clamp

Inflatable robotic clamp In today’s dynamic world robotic arms or robots have become a very common thing to see from Megafactories to houses. In Mega factories machines like robotic arms have been working with 100% accuracy and speed for some of the things that humans couldn’t do it as fast or with high precision tirelessly.

One of the job of robotic arms in these factories is to lift an article from a place and to keep to another. There are various mechanisms to do this. But to move fragile and delicate items from one spot to another, a robotic arm with clamp having inflatable seal hand  is used.

Robotics arms have clamps fitted inside with an inflatable seal. When it wants to lift an article, The clamp moves over or around the article, the inflatable seal is pressurized with air or hydraulic oil so as to inflate it. In the inflated position it hold the article tightly. Once the robotic arm has had a firm grip on the article it lifts and places it to the desired location.

On reaching the desired location, the seal is deflated and robotic arm moves to pick another article. This continues in an automated loop , thereby speeding up manufacturing process.

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