Inflatable seal repair in 24 hours

Inflatable seal repair in 24 hours

WESTERN  INFLATABLE  SEAL REPAIR CLINIC REPAIR INFLATABLE IN 24 HOURS Western is OE manufacturer of inflatable seal repair with and without fabric in India Western  manufactures  300 to 400 pcs per day as per the client application and requirements Western polyrub is all about problem solving and life extension through technical knowledge and experience in repairing.

Many clients suffer with the new piece cost, downtime and poor performance of their inflatable seal, quite often inflatable seal does not work properly, western polyrub can make it right. From the past 30 years experience, we found that among all the rubber parts Inflatable seal repair is the costliest  Because more experience, technical process and consistency is needed But at times due to small puncture, fabric rupture or any other reason which is then very expensive to replace.

Western has started inflatable repairing clinic to save client big money. We make and repair inflatable seal at a very nominal cost within 24 hours Requirements: Clients need to send a picture of the sample