Electrically conductive silicone rubber tubing


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Electrically conductive silicone rubber tubing

Electrically conductive silicone rubber tubing

Electrically conductive silicone rubber tubing – A conductive elastomer is a form of elastomer, often natural rubber or other rubber substitute, that is manufactured to conduct electricity. This is commonly accomplished by distributing carbon or other conductive particles throughout the raw material prior to setting it.

We are manufacturers of food grade and black electrical conductive silicone rubber tubing and many other molded products which is used to help in minimizing static build up , we manufacture CONDUCTIVE SILICONE WITH ALL CERTIFICATION and extrusion in any color which highly use in pharma sieves and tube and also many other applications. We mfg conductive tubing in inch and metric sizes. Our conductive silicone products are available in many different sizes and shapes. We have also developed high temperature and low temperature sustainable silicone tubing.

Our conductive silicone rubber extrusion products are available in different shape like P shape, D shape, lip seals, bulb seals, strips, O-rings cord, hollow O core, U channels, C channels, H shape, T shape and many other simple and complex shapes. Our every other simple silicone rubber products are available in conductive silicone rubber upon request.

We manufacture following standard size conductive silicone tubing used in particle testing.