Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seal


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Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seal

Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seal for Pulp and Paper processing

Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seal for pulp and paper processing – Doctor Blades and For Web Printing, Western high pressure Inflatable seals and loading tube solve a number of unique problems in the pulp and paper industry. paper manufacturing equipment is usually quite big. To control tolerances between mating pieces of equipment or to account for the thermal expansion/contraction of metal not possible when trying to use a conman seal like an o-ring.
Use of an fabric reinforced inflatable seal in these instances would be able to take up these variations. Also, clamping large rolls of paper or pushing long doctor blades can be handled more easily with a western seal that can account for tolerance variations more easily than more traditional old methods.our quality is equivalent to seal master inflatable seal and pawling

Inflatable Clamp/Actuator for Doctor Blades
Inflatable bladders are used to clamp doctor blades of varying thicknesses in their holders and to apply uniform pressure along the blade length in inkers, coaters, and other critical doctor blade applications

Inflatable Brakes/Stops for Conveyor Applications
Inflatable clamps designed with two sealed ends can positioned along the sides of the conveyor belt or rolls and inflated against the product to temporarily interrupt the flow while the jam clears downstream. Alternately, the bladders can be located underneath the conveyor and activated to release the contact between belt and rollers.