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FABRIC RENIFORCED RUBBER – Diaphragms and fabric seals are a western expertise. we are manufacturers of diaphragms in synthetic rubber fabrics reinforced, metal bonded with matching methodology.

Molding techniques, rubber and plastic materials, fabrics, bonded, adhesives, and machining methodology impact the design and manufacture of these products. We have probably already solved a diaphragm design problem similar to yours. Our diaphragms are currently found in aerospace, industrial, electronic, agricultural, chemical and medical products. Send us your requirements.

Description: Diaphragm is the rubber valve type with or without consolidated with high strength fabric.

Feature: Precious dimensional for on-off pressure gas or fluid controlling, reinforcement heavy duty, and High corrosion resistance.

Material: EPDM , NBR , Silicone & Viton®.

Application: Apply as the valve for Open-Close, regulator pressure control for gas or pressured switch instruments and vacuum equipments..

Range: Range of diaphragms include plain, concave, convex, saunder’s type,Cup type, Hat type & saucer type, with or without fabric reinforcement. Diaphragms in Silicone, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Butyl & PTFE(Teflon) are process to suit individual specifications.

Types of Diaphragms:
Valve Diaphragm
Pump Diaphragm
Actuator Diaphragms

We can make according your design and style sample could also be sent to you for your final checking if the price is finally acceptable. Fabric reinforcement is usually required when pressure differentials exceeded 5 psi across the diaphragm. Some applications might require elastomeric coatings on both sides of the fabric. Fabric and elastomer are two of the main materials used in molding or fabricating the diaphragm seals. All kind of high performance rubber materials are working always under the standard of ASTM d-2000 specifications. Fabric actually is the key components for diaphragm seals which used under pressure and movement and the supply from our local textile industries Our engineers are working very hard in exploring for the good adhesion of various fabric with the elastomers in order to get right and durable good quality diaphragm for customers.

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