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Hollow O-Rings | O-Ring Cord
Hollow O-rings are an alternative to standard O-rings, when low closing force is required. The reduced closing force is achieved by replacing the solid cross-section by a hollow cross-section, without reducing the material hardness. Hollow O-rings are used for instance for sealing lids and doors.

Suitable for

Low pressure static applications.
Applications where low closing force is required.
Applications with rough surface finish.
Not suitable for

High pressure applications.
Dynamic applications.

Low closing force
Easy to make large sizes I.D. < 1000 mm

How do Hollow O-Rings work?
Hollow O-rings work the same as regular O-rings. An O-ring is an elastic part placed between two parts and then squeezed to fill up the gap between the two parts. When placed under pressure, the ring is forced to “flow” within the groove toward the clearance gap. As the ring flows against the gap, it produces zero clearance and prevents the sealed substance from escaping. The difference between a regular O-ring and a Hollow ring is the fact that the hollow core makes it much more easy to compress the ring.