Metal Detectable Silicone Rubber Sheets and chords


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Metal Detectable Silicone Rubber Sheets and chords

Metal Detectable silicone Rubber parts

As directed by the FDA, the rubber materials used for extrusion should feature the following:

No contaminants and no mixing should enter the food from the rubber seal that are in contact with the food items it should be free from all hazardous particle

The material should be 100%detectable under metal scanners and x-rays.

Since the Western Polyrub Products experience rigorous wash downs with water sprays and abrasive chemicals, the plastic tends to disintegrate. Small fibers of the material enter the food products causing contamination. The FDA rubber used needs to be fabricated with a material that does not disintegrate in harsh circumstances.

Utilization of western FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials by various Sealing Industry
Materials used are authorized under FDA Title 21 CFR 177.2600. and ECC -1935.The materials shows magnetic properties.

The approved materials are available in two variants: Silicone blue color and nitrile blue color…