Round sleeves


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Round sleeves

Round sleeves

Round sleeves – Corrugated rubber Sleeves for gyratory equipment
Western mold this sleeve in FDA and ECC approved material with groove in inside dia which corresponds to bead ring of the inlets and outlets.

Corrugated Sleeves are the heart of flexible connections. western offers 2 standard styles in a variety of lengths, diameters and elastomer, including ultra tough polyurethane.we also make non standard sleeve as per your drg.

Application :-

1)Gravity ducting
2)vent gas
3)purge air
4)flexible connection
5)exhaust ducting
Natural Rubber: Excellent abrasion resistance Most used for dry material sifting
Neoprene Rubber: Oil and grease resistant Temperature up to 800C Degree Celsius.
EPDM Rubber: Resistant to oxygenated solvents and acids,weather Resistant. Temp. upto 1200 C Degree Celsius.
Silicone Rubber: Most used for wet material processing. Resists upto-500C Degree Celsius upto 2200C Degree Celsius.