Silicone rubber electrodes pad


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Silicone rubber electrodes pad

Silicone rubber electrodes pad

Silicone rubber electrodes pad – Product Details:

Material Silicone
Size Customized
Color Green,Blue

Western polyrub make 2 types of silicone electrodes pad one is

Self-Adhesive electrodes: 

  • Which are low cost, and require less preparation to make However, while these types of electrodes are easy convenient, they can only be used on bare skin areas, with little to no hair. These type of electrodes require a clean and smooth surface and secure connection to be most effective. Additionally, self-adhesive electrodes

Silicone Rubber Carbon Electrodes:

  • Silicone Rubber on top & conductive silicone rubber on dn electrodes are expensive then self adhesive electrodes,require an accuracy,Technic & more labor& are generally not recommended for TDCS silicone rubber carbon electrodes require a specific silicone conductive rubber to be used.

The Conductive Rubber Needs To Be Molded With Heat And Make Full Contact With The Area Being Targeted