Special rubber compound


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Special rubber compound

Special rubber compound

A) WPSV :- Special rubber compound

1) High temperature silicone rubber compound

2) Good oil Resistance,

3) Temperature Resistance up to -30 to +300 c

3) Replacement of fluorosilicone

4) Very reasonable price

data sheet available on request


1) Metal and X ray detectable silicone rubber

2) 100% detectable under metal and scanners

3) FDA and ECC 1935 approved

4) Material shows magnetic properties

C) WPEV :-

1) High temperature withstand EPDM rubber

2) Temperature withstand up to 200C

D ) WPVP :-

1) Viton sponge

data sheet available from download page

E ) WPSP :-

1) Silicone sponge

data sheet available from download page

F) Westoprene :

Substitute of marprene

data sheet available from download.

G ) WSDS :-

Western static dissipative silicone.