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western polyrub Victaulic Coupling Rubber Gasket Spare The grooved piping concept is simple and reliable. The coupling housing performs several functions as an integral part of the pipe joint. It contains the gasket, which is fully enclosed, reinforcing and securing it in position for proper sealing. The housing also engages on the pipe around the full pipe circumference and creates a unified joint while providing the advantages of mechanical joining.

The sealing efficiency of western  Victaulic gaskets is such that the gasket forms an initial seal as it is stretched over the pipe ends. As the housing segments are tightened, the resilient elastomeric gasket conforms to the internal cavity of the housing, further enhancing the gasket’ s seal against the pipe, both in pressure and vacuum conditions. The Victaulic gasket is pressure responsive, providing increased sealing action as the internal pressure is increased. The combination of these characteristics creates a permanent, leak-tight triple seal on a variety of piping materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, ductile iron and copper. The gasket is molded to fit the internal cavity of the housing. Upon placement of the housing around the gasket and into the grooves, the gasket is positioned.

The gasket is then slightly compressed as the housings are tightened to secure the gasket lips in a firm seat on the pipe, between the grooves and the pipe ends. Line pressure serves to strengthen the seal through the combination of normal gasket resilience, housing reinforcement and the action of pressure downward on the lips. Grade “ E” EPDM EPDM ( Green stripe color code) . Temperature range – 30º F to + 230º F/ – 34º C to + 110º C. May be specified for cold and hot water service within the specified temperature range plus a variety of dilute acids, oil-free air and many chemical services. UL Classified in accordance with ANSI/ NSF 61 for cold + 73º F/ + 23º C and hot + 180º F/ + 82º


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