Anti Static Rubber tubing


  1. Complies with us fda 21 cfr 177.260
  2. Anti static property and surface resistivity
  3. Available in white or grey colour
  4. Hardness certification from 60 to 80 shore A


medical , Pharma ,food and chemical industries whare chance of static discharge while passing powder or hazardous chemical 

property of antistatic rubber 

Durometer Range (Shore A)  45.0 – 55.0
 Tensile Range (P.S.I.)  776.0
 Elongation (Max. %)  351
 Modulus 100% (General P.S.I.)  162.0
 Tear Strength (P.P.I.)  85.0
 Resilience – Rebound  Good
 Abrasion Resistance  Good
 Tear Resistance  Good
 Solvent Resistance  Good
 Oil Resistance  Poor
 Low Temperature Usage  -55°C (-67°F)
 High Temperature Usage  to 230°C (446°F)
 Aging Weather – Sunlight  Excellent
 Color  White
 Electrical Resistance (Ohms)  108-109



WSDS TUBE ( western static discharge )

WSDS  tubing is made from special FDA approved NBR , silicone or EPDM rubber.

Tubing is tested at lab and passed FDA approved norms

wsds tube made without adding any metallic, carbon filler nor any hazardous chemical It has good strength and very flexible.

Our Special WSDS tubing allows the static charge to release slowly and not generate any kind of sparks WSDE  it is useful for Pharma, Medical & Food grade application.