Wespo EN 45545 Standard rail component

  1. Wespo silicone compound WS3044/F44/M
  2. Specifically designed for use in transportation 
  3. Available in three grades of hardness: 50ShA, 60ShA and 75ShA 
  4. Can be colored
  5. Cured with peroxide and transformed through molding, calandering and extrusion processes
  6. High mechanical performances at low and high temperature
  7. High level of fire resistance
  8. Low smoke emissions
  9. Non-toxic and non-corrosive smokes: silicones are halogen-free
  10. Compliant with EN 45545-2




Approved and compliance for moulding and extrusion for Europe EN45545 - 2 norm






WESPO Silicone EN45545-2 R22/R23

By 2050, the growing world’s population will reach 10 billion people, with the great majority living in or near cities. Railways will become an important constituent in the transportation mix of trains, trams and subways, both for urban mobility and intercity travel. Rail system managers and train operators are developing efficient, safe, and cost-effective railway technologies.

In Europe, the new Rolling stocks standard in place since 2018, EN 45545, reinforces the need for high-temperature and fire-resistant materials. In addition, railway parts such as profiles, panels and gangways and bellows must present high mechanical performances to pass the stringent dynamic

The development of silicone compound WS3044/F44/M makes a considerable achievement for the wespo as it was made by our in-house chemist team and independently tested by a recognised third-party test house. ( report available).The wespo silicone elastomer is fully EN 45545 certified, a European Standard that defines the fire safety testing for materials and components installed on railway vehicles. The challenge was to formulate a compound that demonstrated low flammability, smoke emission and toxicity. The EN 45545 approved It is suitable for use in any enclosed environment where fire safety is a primary concern.

The elastomer is currently available as a rolled sheeting and extruded profile, making it ideal for gasket cutting and custom seals. The Wespo team are delighted to seize this opportunity and serve the transportation sector as a trusted EN 45545 manufacturer and supplier.

Wespo Compliance Silicone Rubber that complies EN45545-2 R22/R23 (The European railway standard for fire safety) products available in any form it conforms to “HL (Hazard Level)-3”, which is said to be the most stringent EN45545-2 R22/R23 (The European railway standard for fire safety)

It has excellent flame retardancy and low smoke generation and since it is a product whose conformity has been confirmed by a test organization that has acquired ISO / IEC17025 certification, it is easy to use as a gasket or packing or sealing for railway vehicles or in a building were safety is the main concern