Glove Box Isolator Inflatable Door Seals


Western Polyrub Inflatable Seal For Isolator Door Is Made From High Strength Fda Approved Silicone Rubber Which Inflate Radially Outward . Because The Shell Of The Unit Is Fabricated Due To Less Gape And Not Machined, The Machined Acrylic Or Steel Door Will Be Made To A Much Tighter Tolerance Than The Frame. This Means There Will Be A Enough Seal Gap. Western Polyrub Seal Is Made With 25 % To 50 % Inflation Which Cover That Gap With 2 Kg Pressure.

Why Inflatable Seal ?

It Would Be Impossible To Seal The Perimeter Of This Door With A Compression Seal Or Any Extruded Seal. Another Advantage In This Application Is That The Inflatables Ability To Provide Its Own Seal Pressure Assists In A High Level Of Sealing Necessary For High Containment. Gaskets And Other Compression Seals Are Costly And Can Be Tricky And Time Consuming And Need Mold To Seal Correctly And Can Also Lose Recovery And Suffer Compression Set Over Time. There Is Best And Easy Way To Seal An Isolator Door From End Users Perspective. With Western Inflatable Seal When A Seal Needs Replacing The Seal Is Simply Removed From The Door Without The Need For Unbolting / Unclamping. Down Time Is Very Expensive In Pharmaceutical Production.Its Available In Many Sizes And Length And Color With Fda And Ecc Certification