Inflatable Seals

  2. 1 Butyl
  3. 2 Chloroprene
  4. 3 Epichlorohydrin
  5. 4 Ethylene-Propylene
  6. 5 Fkm (Viton®) 
  7. 6 Natural Rubber
  8. 7 Nitrile (Buna N)
  9. 8 Polyurethane
  10. 9 silicone 
  11. FABRIC 
  12. 1 Nylon 
  13. 2 Dacron
  14. 3 Nomex
  15. 4 Kevlar 


  3. 1 Aerospace
  4. Phonic isolation
  5. Aircraft access doors
  6. Cockpit canopies
  7. Portholes
  8. 2 Leak-tight panels
  9. 3 Defense
  10. 4 Industrial Applications
  11. 5 Land-based turbines
  12. 6.cofferdams
  13. 7 Pneumatic conveyors (bagging hoppers, valve gates)
  14. 8 Phonic isolation
  15. 9 Sliding or quick-locking doors (autoclaves, sterilizers)
  16. 10 Centrifugal filters (access doors and drainage hoppers)
  17. 11Aircraft access doors
  18. 12 Oil & Gas
  19. 13 Nuclear
  20. 14 Movable cofferdam 15bulkheads
  21. Storage and transport containers
  22. 16 Nuclear power plant (equipment or personnel chambers)
  23. 17 Pharmaceutical
  24. Isothermal chambers
  25. 18 Clean rooms



Wespo Inflatable seals are either fully rubber moulded or rubber moulded with fabric reinforced (if pressure is high)

fully moulded wespo inflatable seal is specially designed to provide a solution to a many leakages either

  1. chemical,

  2. water

  3. air

  4. gases

Wespo Inflatable seals are only option when question of compromising of cost is arise  of design involving elastomeric seals in  to the long-term life of a inflatable seal.

Applications with improper or uneven surfaces or irregular shapes can be easily handled using an wespo inflatable seal . Even if it seems counterintuitive, the inflatable seal may result in superior performance to conventional seals at a lower cost.

Wespo inflatable seal used to  :-

Wespo also make fabric reinforced inflatable seal which is specially designed ,inflate and deflate with high air pressure Continuously without burst or leakage

Wespo inflatable Seals come in three main configurations 

1) concave

2) convoluted,

3) flat.

Wespo inflatable seals comes in four shapes  ( refer catalogue for image )



A rectangular continuous loop with preformed corners (e.g., inward, outward or axial expainson )


A round-shaped seal formed as a continuous loop (e.g., inward, outward or axial expansion)


A U-shaped seal with preformed corners and specially sealed ends. Ends are vulcanized in the deflated condition and do not expand (e.g., inward, outward or axial expansion)


Specially sealed ends; can be used as seals or clamps. Ends are vulcanized in the deflated condition and do not expand

Wespo inflatable Seals comes in five types :






Wespo Inflatable seals can be used for a variety of applications where sealing of two surfaces that move in relationship to each other is required. By introducing a medium such as air or fluid, inflatable seal will begin to expand at a specified rate until a determined size of expansion is achieved.

The rates and sizes of the expansion of an inflatable seal are pre-determined by one of the many shapes and sizes we have readily available. For unique or custom applications, we can engineer a solution.

Nearly all inflatable seals are custom fabricated for a specified application  and we use many of our standard profiles to develop an inflatable seal to a custom requirement

By utilizing our standard profile, both time and money are save

If working pressure is low then  we recommend inflatable seal without fabric to save cost as inflatable seal with fabric is highly expensive 


Wespo inflatable are independently pressure tested and supplied with a supporting  pressure ‘Test Certificate’. And material test certificate , for Pharma and food grade application wespo providing material FDA and EURO certificate .

Wespo seals tested at different pressure from 1 bar to 6 bar pressure (under close condition in metal rig  ) dependent on the seal type and/or customer specifications wespo  seal comes with identification number which providing detailed traceability for each individual seal supplied with pressure






WSDS  antistatic silicone  inflatable seal for ATX zone is available in blue or white colour

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