Silicone Rubber Handle Grip


Wespo Silicone Rubber Handle Grip, also called Silicone Handle Sleeves & Cover, which made from elastomeric silicone rubber materials by compression molding or injection molding, is designed to cover plastic or metal handle, like heat insulation, anti-slip, electric insulation, anti-oil or dust proof, also designed to improve handle grip touch feeling and friction etc.

Silicone Handle Grip & Sleeves, which is becoming more and more popular, not only high elastic, heat insulated and electric insulation, but also silicone materials is easy to vulcanize and matte smooth process.





Silicone Handle Grip's surface, generally need dermatoglyphic finishing or sandblasting. After silicone handle grips product, some also need matte smooth process to improve handles grips touching feeling and anti-dust effects.