Vacuum suction cup


The vacuum suction cups are typically used in the following types of applications:

  1. Used in manufacturing and automotive industries as lifting vacuum suction cups to handle sheet metals, injection molded parts, car body panels.
  2. Used as lifting vacuum suction cups for glass panes, floor tiles, windscreens for cars, etc.
  3. Used in packaging industries to handle cardboard boxes, plastic films, etc.
  4. Used in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  5. Used in solar industry 


Wespo suction vacuum suction cup is a sort of instrument used in a vacuum system to grip and move objects for pick-and-place applications.

These devices operate in alliance with a vacuum generator to lift objects. They are usually made up of silicone, vitamin n, polyurethane (PUR), chloroprene (CR), or nitrile (NBR) and are available in various sizes and designs with different holding capabilities.

Wespo Vacuum Suction Cups product range includes a variety of suction cups with various shapes, sizes and materials, providing the right suction cup for every application.

Wespo has three types of suction cup

1) bellow vacuum suction cup

2) flat vacuum suction cup

3) oval vacuum suction cup

Wespo suction cup selection criteria

The following selection criteria should be considered for selecting the wespo vacuum suction cup for your application.

  1. Holding force: The holding force of the vacuum suction cup should never exceed the theoretical holding force

  2. Safety factor: Depending upon the condition of the surface of the workpiece, the safety factor must be adjusted to the holding force.

  3. Material: The vacuum suction cups are made up of a wide range of materials. Common materials include silicone, NBR, PUR, and CR. The choice of the material varies depending upon the application. Some materials can be used with smooth or uneven surfaces of wood, glass, and plastics while others for fragile applications such as electronics or packaging.

  4. Surface: The surface of the workpiece makes a certain type of vacuum suction cups and the material of cups more suitable than others. A flat vacuum suction cup is suitable for flat and slightly curved surfaces while bellows vacuum cups are suitable for uneven surfaces.