Weighing bellow

Weighing bellow

Western silicone weighing bellow With 30 years of technical experience, well equipped and highly knowledgeable R & d team,Western polyrub has developed silicone weighing bellows in round,conical and conductive black silicone for atx zone Weighing bellow are round and conical and  FDA and ECC approved material.

Western Silicone Weighing bellow  is molded  and very flexible and transparent  (also available in black conductive silicone rubber ).This silicone bellow  is very thin in wall thickness and it is specially designed for the use in weight systems bellow  havelow axial and lateral force So it does not affect the weighing process.

Silicone weighing bellows having wide features :- – Temperature -40 tot +200 degrees C – Air and Powder Tight – Flexible Sleeves for Easy Fitting – Approved According to FDA1 77.2600 USA – Material attach with FDA certificate –

We provide free sample for quality approval – Delivery with in 24 hours of attach standard sizes


1)Coating feeder

2)Gravimetric feeder

3)Loss-in weight feeder

4)Vibratory feeder

5)Volumetric feeder

6)Gain-in-weight feeder