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Antistatic Silicone Rubber Tube

Wsds (wespo static discharge silicone ) tube is made from fda approved antistatic silicone rubber

Antistatic Silicone Rubber Tube

Wsds tube is very flexible made without adding metalic , carbon filler or any other hazardous mineral .

wsds tubing allows static charge to release slowly and not generate any kind of spark it is widely available in any dia and sizes.

It is very useful for Pharma , Medical & Food grade application.

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leading manufacturers of fabric inflatable seal

Today western polyrub stand out as leading manufacturers of fabric inflatable seal who make seals with hand built and fully moulded with fabric reinforcement inside make seal so tough that can withstand pressure up to 50 Kgcm2 Fabric Reinforced Rubber Seals Are Effective Where Moderate- To High-pressure Is Applied(we make seal up to 50bar bursting pressure ) , Such As In Heavy Industrial, Environmental, Technical And Laboratory Environments,marine,nuclear Region A Variety Of Reinforcing Fabrics Are Available And Determined By Factors Such As Temperature And Pressure.


Fabric inflatable seal moulded

Wespo also provide fabric inflatable seal moulded with rubber nozzle for flexibility and longer life if clients demand Western Polyrub Offers Technical Guidance To Determine The Appropriate Design, Manufacturing And Material Composition. The Fabric Inflatable Must Withstand Environmental Factors And Perform Using Air Or Gas Controlled Mechanisms Under Pressure. The Environment And Structure Will Affect The Choice



Western polyrub has developed technology to used fabric reinforced inflatable seal in a number of critical applications including offshore production, storage and offloading (FPSO); anchoring drill rigs to the seabed; gas loading systems; pipeline welding; and watertight doors and panel High -pressure inflatable seals are designed to fit in metal retaining grooves, allowing axial, external radial and internal radial expansion, These seals typically can withstand pressures of up to 8 bar, and are suitable for sealing clearances from 2-10mm.

Application of Antistatic Silicone Rubber Tube
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