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Western, as the Top rubber manufacturer from India, proudly receives quality awards from major customers in diverse industries, including aerospace, military, and food & beverage.

Our Mission And Values

Wespo is focused on becoming the world leader in providing high-end rubber parts and solutions at a competitive price point while propelling global advances in technology and innovation. Excellence – Our mission is to reinvent the standard for excellence in the industry; quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction have never been this easy.

Elevate Your Industry Standards with Western's Pioneering Products !

Wespo Product Section

Over a period of 30 years, WESTERN has built up extensive experience in the designing and manufacture of a wide range of customized moulded and extruded rubber products for various industrial applications.

Wespo is known for its new range of high quality rubber products such as Wespoairseal™, Wespoprene™, Wespo Silflex™ and others. Follow the tracks of your industry with our high performance rubber solutions which have been made in a perfect way over thirty years.

Our Focus Industries

Industry We Serve

Performance and reliability redefined in aerospace, military and more by Western’s Precision-Crafted Rubber Solutions.

For three decades now we have been the preferred provider of custom solutions across aerospace, military other areas where we have ensured unequaled quality as well as performance.


Pharma & Food


Oil & Gas


Oven & Sterilizer






Paper & Textile


Electrical & Electronic



Why Choose Us

Technology Precision, Customized Solutions: Western polyrub Redefines Excellence In Technological Processes.

Western’s precision-crafted rubber solutions is what you need to elevate your technical landscape. We customize our products over three decades as per advanced needs providing perfect interconnection by fitting well in any technological setup.

Western are the best partner in manufacturing and industrial sector. Our products like custom-molded and extruded rubber, developed for various applications embody integrity of service delivery, creativity, novelty and highest industry standards.

In every detail Western offers reliability with its rubber solutions from inflating plugs to metal-detectable silicone for industries or factories that improve operational efficiency amidst tough industrial scenarios.

In Western, customer satisfaction comes ahead of anything else. We have a heritage that consists of custom rubber products and we make sure that each client’s specific requirements are catered for with accuracy and expertise thereby fostering enduring relationships in diverse sectors.

Pick Western for unwavering quality. As a company certified under ISO9001:2000, we do not only meet but also exceed customer demands guaranteeing them superior goods and an ongoing commitment to improvement.


Tailored Solutions, Instant Access

WESPO Downloads

Our downloadable catalogues presents our custom-molded and extruded rubber parts & solutions for different sectors, Explore the versatility of our products & offerings.

Discover what we mean by precision and excellence when you download our catalog to find out more about the latest developments in rubber technology. Thus, learn more about the possibilities open to you through downloading our catalogue to get an idea on how Western has been doing things right in this industry consistently since last 50 years.

Three Decades of Excellence


Take a look at key numbers with respect to Western over its 30 years long journey of shaping the best practices in rubber parts manufacturing.

Find out where we have made difference globally as well as locally. Explore our quality awards, industry recognitions, and customer satisfaction across diverse industries. Our figures speak for themselves; each number represents a milestone along Western’s road from inception till coming up with excellent rubber goods.

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