Inflatable Bladder Clamps


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Inflatable Bladder Clamps

Western inflatable bladder clamps
Western fabric reinforced bladder clamps provide a many way to handle common clamping and smoother needs. Constructed of a high quality, durable EPDM or FKM rubber, bladder clamps allow for soft, con formal clamping of delicate and/or irregularly shaped parts and are ensure for high cycle life and prolonged wear. Clamping pressures (up to 3 kg in close)up to 1 kg in open can be applied in by either changing the internal bladder pressure or modifying the overall contact

western bladder clamps are in stock, ready to ship. They are available in many sizes and come complete with an air connector out the base. new, molded design. If your needs are unique, no problem. Custom bladder clamps can be designed using any of our standard western profiles.

western bladder clamps are easy to install, easy to buy (typically, shipping within 7 days), and easy to control. Just attach the retainer, slide the bladder in place, and hook up to a regulated air-line. No need to design in complex cylinders or other controls for your clamping needs. Try western normal instead.pneuma-cel_150.jpg

Most common application

Stopping/braking products in a conveyor line

Firmly clamping two pieces together as part of a bonding process

Holding items during cutting and/or machining operations

western i clamp to hold doctor blade

inflatable bladder clamps

inflatable bladder clamps