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Inflatable Seal For FBD

Wespo Inflatable Seal specially designed for fluid bed dryers FBD and fluid bed processors FBP in the pharmaceutical sector..

Inflatable Seal For FBD

Wespo has developed and supplied Fda and Ecc certified Inflatable Seal which play a crucial role in ensuring airtight and efficient operation to many OE Fluid Bed Dryer and Processor Manufacturer as well as numerous indian pharmaceutical users They have also exported to abroad. Wespo designs, Manufacturing ,Clean and Inspect inflatable seal for FBD In clean room environment.

Wespo has many standard profiles and users worldwide to choose from along with a variety of materials too. Many of this polymer formulation come standard, Reducing Setup charges and Speeding up delivery. We also have our machine shop, so if a special valve Is needed, we do It ourselves.

WESPO Quality?

We 100% Inspect Every Inflatable Seal Visually As Well As Pressure Testing

We Manufacture Seal Under Our Iso 9001-2008 Certified Quality System And Wespo Can Provide Certificates Of Conformity If Required. Our Seal Approved According To FDA and Euro Food Standards

Wsds Inflatable Seal For Atx Zones

Wsds ( Western Static Dissipative Silicone) Inflatable Seal Mainly Used In Pharmaceutical Fbd And Fbp

Many materials used In Pharma Having Volatile Solvents Can Get Flamed By A Spark Due To Static Discharge Sometimes It May Cause Damage To The Material Or May Affect The Personnel Working In the Area


Static Discharge In FBD during Operation Is Very Dangerous. Static Charge Can Also Affect The Products Qualities.

Western Polyrub Have Developed Polyairseal™ Food Grade Anti Static Silicone Materials Which Have Surface Resistance Value Up To 10^4 With Valid Certification

Western Polyairseal™ Anti-static Inflatable Seal Must Be Use In Fluid Bed Dryer To Prevent Damage From Static Discharge

Material:- Antistatic Silicone Available In Any Colour

Application:-fbd And Fbp


1) Confirms to FDA 21 CFR AND EURO 1958

2) Wespo Laboratory Test Certificate or Govt approved lab certificate on request 

 3) TSE/BSE Free Certificate

4) Phthalate Free Certificate

5) Wsds certificate

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leading manufacturers of fabric inflatable seal

Today western polyrub stand out as leading manufacturers of fabric inflatable seal who make seals with hand built and fully moulded with fabric reinforcement inside make seal so tough that can withstand pressure up to 50 Kgcm2 Fabric Reinforced Rubber Seals Are Effective Where Moderate- To High-pressure Is Applied(we make seal up to 50bar bursting pressure ) , Such As In Heavy Industrial, Environmental, Technical And Laboratory Environments,marine,nuclear Region A Variety Of Reinforcing Fabrics Are Available And Determined By Factors Such As Temperature And Pressure.


Fabric inflatable seal moulded

Wespo also provide fabric inflatable seal moulded with rubber nozzle for flexibility and longer life if clients demand Western Polyrub Offers Technical Guidance To Determine The Appropriate Design, Manufacturing And Material Composition. The Fabric Inflatable Must Withstand Environmental Factors And Perform Using Air Or Gas Controlled Mechanisms Under Pressure. The Environment And Structure Will Affect The Choice



Western polyrub has developed technology to used fabric reinforced inflatable seal in a number of critical applications including offshore production, storage and offloading (FPSO); anchoring drill rigs to the seabed; gas loading systems; pipeline welding; and watertight doors and panel High -pressure inflatable seals are designed to fit in metal retaining grooves, allowing axial, external radial and internal radial expansion, These seals typically can withstand pressures of up to 8 bar, and are suitable for sealing clearances from 2-10mm.

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Applications Of Inflatable Seal For FBD (Pharmaceutical And Medical)
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