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VITON RUBBER CORD – Western polyrub mfg. FKM (viton) chord and strips efficiently. Incredibly, we have many tools and dies to produce more than 10000 different profiles and sizes of FKM cord or strip. Your order will be dispatched promptly, even if the profile that you require is not in stock. WE WILL DEVELOP WITHOUT ANY CHARGE

We also have an wide area of the factory that assure to keep many size in stock so we can dispatch in 24 hours no matter how small your requirement, you know that we can assist. Combine this with our competitive freight rates

Whether you need a profile in the latest high grade for aerospace use or general use, or just 10 meters of standard Cord to cover that sharp bit, we can help!
we also manufacture food grade FKM and color FKM chord

Silent Features of Viton/ Fkm Cord

• High temperature resistance (-50C to +300C).
• Excellent resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids.
• Excellent resistance to corrosive fluids compared to other polymers.
• Excellent resistance atmospheric oxidation, sun and weather.
• Excellent resistance to fungus and mold.
• Extremely low permeability to a broad range of substances.
• Resists many aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.
• Excellent compression set values at high temperatures.
• Resist degradation by over 300 fluids.
• Good electrical properties in low voltage low frequency.
• Retains good mechanical properties at high temperatures.
• Good mechanical strength over repeated flexing.


In Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Automobile / Aeronautical Industries
As Cords : for o-rings, packing rings,etc. *As Gaskets : for ovens, furnaces, etc.
As Tubings : for transfer of strong acids & alkalies,chlorine based solvents, chemicals, etc

In Peristaltic Pumps

Available sizes (VITON RUBBER CORD)
0.5 mm to 100 mm dia
roll of 10 mtr /25 mtr/50 mtr
We even sale in multiple of 2 mtr (ready ex-stock)
kindly visit o ring kit and splicing kit section for ready item