How Our Seals Solutions Helped Critical Infrastructure During the Pandemic

Wespo Seals solutions helped critical infrastructure during a pandemic, including hospital systems & many other industries. Key components of a good pandemic plan are monitoring and rapid reporting. Seals solutions can help with these aspects of a critical infrastructure plan. You need to monitor many things in your organization as part of a critical infrastructure plan. Things like power usage, water usage, carbon monoxide levels and much more. Monitoring is key for two main reasons.

First, you want to know what is happening before it gets worse. And second, you want to know when something has gone wrong or is about to go wrong. A lack of monitoring means that staff aren’t aware if things are starting to break down or if they should take action now before things get worse later on. This may not seem like a big deal but trust us it is important. For example, if your power supply starts dropping more frequently overnight then your chances of having lighting and security at night increase dramatically as well as the risk that staff won’t be able to complete their work during the day until you have fixed the problem.

Keeping track of these things in real-time gives you an opportunity to fix issues before they become serious enough that they require large capital expenditure or can be rendered completely useless due to damage from neglect (think broken pipes). The solution will ask you basic questions about system types and locations so that it knows exactly what you need it to look out for and what actions should be taken if problems are detected (e.

Where to Start?

When it comes to choosing a solution for your critical infrastructure monitoring, it is important to know what exactly you need to know. Start with a quick audit of your organization to see exactly what you want to monitor, who is responsible for it and how often you need to be checking. You might also want to consider how important is it to monitor certain aspects of your infrastructure and how much of an impact would a pandemic have on that aspect. Once you have a good overview of what you need to monitor, there are a few things you can do to make finding the right solution more intuitive.

First, look at how many people are responsible for each aspect of your critical infrastructure. If you have many people looking over the same aspect you may find that only one of them is responsible for checking it regularly. Knowing who is responsible for each item can help you determine the best solution for your organization. You can also look at what type of equipment is used for each aspect of your infrastructure. For example, some systems are looking at water usage, others are looking at electricity usage. Knowing what type of equipment is used for each aspect of your infrastructure can help you determine the best solution for your organization.

Seals Monitoring Solutions

When it comes to monitoring critical infrastructure, Seal software can help you improve your data security by ensuring that only authorised staff have access to the data they need to do their jobs. This can help prevent data tampering and misuse. Monitoring solutions can also help you reduce the risk of false alarms by allowing you to set alerts based on minimum values, maximum values, or a threshold to help avoid situations where you might be missing a problem.

Seal solutions can provide alerts for a number of different types of data. Some of the most common alerts are related to power usage, water usage, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and CO2. By setting up these types of alerts you can ensure that you know when a problem is occurring and that you are alerted if the problem is getting worse.

Seals Reporting Solutions

When it comes to recording critical infrastructure data, you will find seal solutions that provide you with the ability to record data in a standardised format that can be easily shared and analysed by your team. Whether you need to report to external parties or store data for later analysis, a reporting solution can help you to standardise your reports and get maximum value from the data they contain.

A reporting solution can give you the ability to produce reports that can help you detect trends in your data and determine where improvements can be made. These reports can also help you communicate with staff, external parties, and management on what data is collected and analyzed so that you can ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Seals Communications Solutions

Critical infrastructure monitoring and communications can be challenging. It is important to choose the right solutions to meet your needs. Seals communications solutions can help you increase the visibility and accessibility of your data. This can help prevent issues with permissions, security, and regulatory compliance. By making your data available to authorised users, you can prevent the scenario where an individual has access to all of your data, but does not have the required permissions to use it.

Seal solutions can provide a number of different capabilities related to communications, including the ability to send real-time notifications, send notifications to multiple recipients, and provide voice communications. These capabilities can help you to communicate with team members, manage service requests, and share data with external parties.

Key Functions of a Pandemic Plan

As part of planning for a pandemic, you need to think about how you will power your facility, what tools you will have at your disposal and how you will get them to the site. You also need to think about communication and data management. In order to power your site and run essential services, you will need to rely on generators. This can cause significant issues with their own operation if they are not kept correctly and maintained.

Planning for the unexpected is important. The pandemic plan should include a list of the key functions of the facility. This will help you determine if the site is still able to function. If it is not, you can decide if you are better off shutting it down or operating with reduced capacity during the pandemic.


This article has provided you with a quick overview of how to prepare for the pandemic. First, you need to assess your infrastructure. This includes looking at what is broken, what is needed, and what is in critical condition. Next, you need to choose a solution for critical infrastructure monitoring.

Seals solutions can help you with this. Once you have the monitoring done, you can use the data to determine the best actions to take. Finally, you can plan for the pandemic.

Find a Reliable Sealing Solution

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