Flexible step bellow


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Flexible step bellow

Flexible step bellow

Flexible step bellowWestern one piece molded Step bellows are for the flexible connection of mixers, feeders or vessels on weighing cells to supply lines, drain pipes or other forms of air transport or powder transport with 2 different dimension tubing.

When you have to connect 2 tubes with diff. dimension then western step bellow is ideal solution western step bellow connecting 2 tubes with diff dimensions there often is a requirement for a flexible connection in a reducer or tapered shape.

Step Bellows are now available in many sizes.

Flexible connectors with 2 different diameters are more flexible than cylindrical sleeves. This makes them ideal for weighing or dosing equipment. Step bellows and conical reducers are available in several materials, such as Silicone and Poly Urethane ,viton